• EMV Enabled "bring your own device" solution
  • Supports credit and signature debit card, chip and sig or map stripe and NFC; Provides ability to record check and cash transactions
  • Hardware reader + software app
  • Wi-Fi/3G/4G/LTE (Cellular/Data plan)
  • COmpatible with Apple and Android Devices, both phones and tables
  • ios 8.2 and above
  • Android 8.2 and above
  • Multi User/ Multi MID capability
  • Rechargeable while in use
Clover Go: $59.95
Clover G0 "all in once": $79.95
Cradle: $20.00


Fully portable with built in NFC and EMV functionality. Works in tandem with bluetooth printer, Ideal for pay at table, retail line busting, side walk sales, fairs and festivals.


Screen Size 7.0"
Weight 1.2 lbs
Power Source Single Cord Rechargeable Battery(~8 - 10 hours)
Internet Connectivity Wi-Fi + 3G(GSM)
Scanning(1D/2D) Trigger Scanner
Counter Top Space Base Plate: 7.75"x4.74"
Printer Thermal 2 1/4 Paper,Low Energy Blutooth, Upto 85 ft.
Payment Acceptance Credit/Sig debit, FD Gift, PIN Debit
EMV Integrated
NFC Integrated
Mobility Fully Portable and Mobile
App Market Yes

Software options include a "smart terminal" mode for no monthly cost or a Register "Pro" solution

Bluetooth Printe available: $143


Target Verticals:

QSR, FSR, Retail, Appointment and Project Businesses

  • Countertop and handled device
  • Line busting
  • Pay at the table
  • Shop/sales floorsconsulting
  • In the salon chair
  • At your cusotmer's house
  • On the go


  • Fully featured portable solution that accepts EMV, PIN Entry, NFC and Swine
  • Embedded printer, camera, QR Scanner and 3G/Wi-Fi enabled
  • Battery can last for a full day of business without a charge*
  • e-Signature capture
  • Fully integratedwith complete line of Clover deveices
  • Take an order in-line and close it at the counter, complete checkout at the table or in the aisle


Clover provides a dynamic suite of hardaware and software designer to fit the needs of QSR, retail, and service industries. Clover is powered by 'Apps', allowing a business owner to customize the POS based on their specific needs.


  • Kitchen Printer
  • Weight Scale
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Pin Pad(FD-40)
  • Mobile Printer
  • Mobile Dock
  • Mobile ADA aid
  • Mini Pin Shield
  • Mobile Holster
  • Mini Merchant Keypad


CLOVER MINI is one of the sleekest, most flexible payment terminals on the market today. Use it to manage your enire business, or simply accept payment, the choice is up to you. You can tail or your CLOVER MINI to your business specification needs and upgrade as you grow.


A True "all-in-one" solution

  • Touch screen with signature capture
  • Wi-Fi or 3G/4G wireless connectivity
  • Integrated high speed thermal printer
  • Front facing barcode scanner
  • EMV & contactless payment acceptance

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