CPA Components

Accounting & Payroll Services

No Setup Fees or Contract:
  • There is NO setup fee or contract required for our services. The service can be cancelled at any time at NO fee or cost to you.
Bookkeeping - Information Required From You:
  • An accountant VIEW-ONLY online access login for the bank and credit card accounts for us to conduct the bookkeeping. We can assist you with this setup or you can contact your bank and credit card company directly to set it up. This VIEW-ONLY access will ONLY allow us to view the bank and credit card transactions with NO ability to transfer, move or use the money in the account.
  • The purpose of the VIEW-ONLY online access is to save your time from having to provide the monthly bank and credit card statements and bank cancelled checks and minimize our time to collect these information. With the VIEW-ONLY online access, we can get all the information we need for our bookkeeping services. We will contact you when something is unclear or questionable to us.
Payroll - Information Required From You:
  • Employee information - Form W-4 filled out by employees
  • Employee identity verification - Form I-9 filled out by employees
  • Employee wage information - Semimonthly wage amount or employee's worked hours and hourly wage
  • Employee direct deposit information - Need employee's bank account and routing information
  • A copy of company's latest payroll report.
  • Company's federal employer identification number and state payroll tax identification number.
Our Monthly Service Package Fee:
  • Total Bookkeeping and Payroll Service Package Fees - $200 per month, plus $10 payroll service fee for each employee.
  • Service fees payment terms.
    • We will require the monthly fee on the 1st of each month
    • We only accept check payment or bank transfer only. No credit card payment will be accepted.

Products and Services You Will Receive:

Bookkeeping Services:
  • Monthly bookkeeping
  • Monthly bank and credit card accounts reconciliation
  • We will review the monthly financial statement and alert you when we notice any unusual activities, provide our feedbacks and recommendations on your financial situation to minimize your business costs and maximize your profit.
  • We will provide you the monthly financial statement.
Our Monthly Service Package Fee:
  • We process semimonthly payroll and help you pay your federal and state payroll taxes
  • We email the paycheck to your employee directly
  • We file federal and state quarterly payroll taxes
  • We file annual federal and state annual payroll returns for you
  • We file W-2 and send to your employee directly
Income Tax Preparation:
  • Basic income tax preparation is FREE.